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Pictured (back row, left to right): Rod Hofmeyer, Dan Bonnema, John Kooiman;

(front row, left to right): Jayne Hofmeyer, Tom Kiernan, Bev Rohrs

Rod Hofmeyer: Director and co-founder of Zestos. He is involved with the Zestos ministry full time and enjoys farming as a hobby with his wife, Jayne, in Alton, Iowa.

Dan Bonnema: Dan lives by Maurice, Iowa where he raises hogs.  His wife, Sarah, and he have been married for 10 years and have three children.  He currently serves as a deacon in his church.

Jayne Hofmeyer: Jayne is a co-founder with her husband Rod.  She has worked as a clerk for Sioux County for over 10 years.  Rod and Jayne have three grown children and four grandchildren.   

Tom Kiernan: Tom and his wife, Patty, are lifelong area residents of Northwest Iowa.  Tom is President of Community Bank and has been on the Zestos board of directors since it's inception. 

Bev Rohrs: Bev Rohrs is retired from a nursing career where she spent many years helping others.  Bev and her husband, Bob, live in Orange City, Iowa and both enjoy the opportunity to offer a hand up in a time of need.  

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